It is one of the most recognised finance credentials in the world, held by more than 165,000 professionals in 163 markets and regions. Yet there is more to the CFA® charter than a famously challenging set of exams.

Hear from a cross-section of leaders in the investment industry, each of whom brings their own perspective on why the CFA charter is the profession’s gold standard.

The CFA Program, they say, provides a demonstration of ‘absolute commitment’, fluency in the complicated lexicon of investments, and a common platform of transparency, ethics and integrity.

A tremendous opportunity to lead the way

Tammira Philippe, CFA, President and CEO, Bridgeway Capital Management, on the nobility in what the finance industry is able to do for clients. Having a team of CFA charterholders, she says, is "a great foundation to build upon".

Impact on client relationships

John Akkerman, CFA, Executive Managing Director, MacKay Shields, looks for character in the people he hires. The ultimate proof, he says, is witnessing young charterholders’ excellent client relationships.

Rigour, knowledge, and rich debates

Nili Gilbert, CFA, Co-Founder and Portfolio Manager, Matarin Capital Management, loves the ‘artistic’ aspect of her job. All the portfolio managers in the diverse team at Matarin have the CFA charter in common — but they bring very different beliefs to the table.

A valuable perspective

Seema Hingorani, Founder and Chief Investment Officer, SevenStep Capital, invests a great deal of time focusing on the talent she hires. Having CFA charterholders on her team, she says, is "a really valuable perspective".

A common set of values

Taimur Hyat, Chief Strategy Officer, PGIM, says: "Talent is the most important item on our balance sheet." The CFA charter’s common platform of ethics, integrity and values, he adds, is "key to our success".

An absolute commitment to the profession

David Allen, CFA, Institutional Director, Schroders, on why the CFA designation on a resumé is a ‘big differentiator’.